Tenancy Protection Service

  • Are renting and worried about losing your home?
  • Are renting and struggling to keep up payments?
  • Are worried about paying next month’s rent, if the rent is due to increase?
  • Are being asked to leave your rental accommodation by your landlord, before the end of the lease term?
  • Are being asked to leave your rental accommodation, if your landlord is selling the property or reacquiring it for personal use?
  • Do not have enough money to pay your rent and feel you are at risk of becoming homeless?

If your answer to any of these questions is Yes, then you may benefit from talking to the Tenancy Protection Service.

The Tenancy Protection Service provides advice and support to individuals, couples and families living in either the Dublin or Cork areas who are living in private rented accommodation experiencing tenancy problems and whose tenancy is at risk.

This service seeks to protect existing tenancies, keep clients in their homes and prevent them from having to access t homeless services.

The service  is for individuals, couples and families living in either Dublin or Cork City and the immediate area who are currently living in private rented accommodation wexperiencing a housing problem and that are at risk of homelessness. For example this could be rent arrears, rents increases, been given notice of termination to leave, threatened eviction etc.

What Happens?

When you call the FREEPHONE, 1800 454 454, Monday to Friday 9am-9pm, a number of key steps will take place to assist you, they include:

- Step One

You and your family’s needs will be assessed within 24 hours of your initial contact with the service.


- Step Two

Your case will be confidentially referred to an appropriate visiting tenancy sustainment service for ongoing support, if required.


Step Three

If there is a clear dispute between you as a tenant and your landlord, your case will be referred to the Private Residential Tenancies Board for action.


 - Step Four

If you do not have enough money to pay your landlord and are at a very high risk of losing your home and the above steps have been explored, the four Dublin local authorities, Threshold and the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (who provide you with your Social Welfare Allowance and Rent Supplement) will intervene to try and prevent you from becoming homeless, by providing assistance for an emergency period.


For more information:

- Tenancy Protection Service FREEPHONE 1800 454 454, Monday to Friday 9am-9pm

- Threshold

- HomelessDublin.ie

Last Updated: 08/03/2018