Disqualification and Delay

Disqualification of Payment:

Your application for a Jobseekers payment, or your ongoing payment of a Jobseekers payment, can be refused in the following circumstances.

  • You have lost your job because of wilful misconduct
  • You have left your job voluntarily without just cause or good reason
  • You have refused an offer of suitable employment
  • You have refused to take a reasonable opportunity to receive training 
  • You have failed to provide evidence of your efforts to 'Genuinely Seek Work'

If your payment is disqualified for any of these reasons, and you feel that decision is incorrect or unfair, you may appeal the decision to the Social Welfare Appeals office. It is strongly recommended that you seek the support of a Congress Centre or group to assist you in compiling your appeal and, if possible, to represent or advocate on your behalf at the appeal hearing.

Delays to Payments:

Delays to the processing and payment of Jobseekers payments can occur for a number of reasons. Such reasons can include:

  • If the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection request information or documentation and you wilfully and deliberately do not supply this material
  • If the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection have provided forms and you have not signed and returned these forms as requested
  • If your claim is currently under investigation by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection

Waiting on other people:

If you are unable to obtain or provide information or material requested because you are waiting for the response or actions of another person or organisation/body, and you have made every reasonable effort to obtain this information or material within your control, this should be recognised by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection and you should not suffer any undue delay.

Not Entitled to Payment

You are not entitled to receive a Jobseekers payment if you are:

  • An inmate of an institution
  • Employed in a Community Employment (CE) Scheme
  • A student (except a mature student)
  • Out of the country (except on allowed holiday periods)
  • In prison
  • Involved in a trade dispute/on strike

Last Updated: 26/09/2017