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A striking feature of the latest register figures, are the numbers of people on Activation Programmes: 89,704, an increase of 5% on March 2014. Community Employment and the Back to Education Allowance, which supports unemployed people to re-engage with the formal education system, account for 54% of these places. The programme with the biggest increase was the newest programme, Gateway, which now has 1,990 participants. A number of programmes have fewer participants including JobBridge and what is curiously still called ‘FAS Full-time Training for Unemployed people’ even though FAS no longer exists and these programmes are now the responsibility of the Education and Training Boards (ETB).

Of on-going concern to the INOU is what happens to people who have participated on activation programmes: do they find decent and sustainable employment in the wider labour market; do other employers value these experiences? These are critical questions for the Department of Social Protection, as the department with responsibility for many of these programmes and the Public Employment Service.     


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Information Drop-in Service

louth meath education training board

Meath Adult Education Guidance Service (MAEGS) are organising Drop-In Information Sessions throughout Meath. Free and independent advice to individuals who would like to explore their educational options. The next Information Drop-in Service will take place in Trim on Thursday 7 May 2015, 10:00am - 12:30pm.

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