What are the QNHS Q3 figures telling us?


According to the Quarterly National Household Survey for Quarter 3, 2015 there 1,983,000 people employed, 56,000 more than in the same quarter in 2014. There was a 59,400 increase in full-time unemployment to 1,534,100 people, representing 77% of those employed. Part-time employment decreased by 3,400. 24% of those working part-time view themselves as underemployed, a drop of 3% in comparison to Q3 2014. 

203,000 people were deemed unemployed, a decrease of 42,500 people: of this number 109,800 people were unemployed for more than a year. The unemployment rate was 9.3%, 2% less than Q3 2014. The Long-term unemployment rate was 5%, 1.4% lower than the same period last year.

People deemed employed and unemployed make-up the Labour Force and it increased over the past year by 13,500 people to 2,186,000. Even though there was an overall increase in the Labour Force, the demographic effect was negative, with a decrease in the numbers of young people (20-34 years of age) of 3,700. The participation effect was positive, an increase of 17,200 people, and offset the negative effect of emigration amongst young people.  

Interestingly, even with the increase in the participation rate, those ‘not in the labour force’ also increased by 4,100. Of the 1,427,300 people ‘not in the labour force’, 34,900 people were categorised as being part of the ‘potential additional labour force’: 13,000 of whom were deemed as actively seeking work but not available; and 21,900 were described as available but not seeking work. However, another group of people should be borne in mind the 66,100 people who want a job but are not available and not seeking work: 39% of whom were in education and training; 27% of whom had an illness or a disability; and 26% of whom have caring responsibilities.

As the Government plans for further employment growth, as they roll out Enterprise 2025, it is essential that all those of working age, and in particular 101,000 not captured in the official unemployment statistics, are given the proper supports to gain access to decent employment.

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