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Working Family Payment: Latest News

25 March 2020 - 14:01 pm


The INOU received a lot of calls last week from people concerned about their Working Family Payment (WFP). The calls have come from people who had lost their jobs, people whose partners had lost their jobs, and people who were still working.

We followed up with the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) as to what exactly happened when so many people appear not to have received their payment and were fearful they may have lost it. We understand that this arose because of some ambiguity within the system that has since been resolved, and that the DEASP have a mechanism now in place to address any further issues. 

However, the INOU’s Welfare to Work Team have received more calls on this issue and so we asked the DEASP for further clarification on the following questions:

  • If someone is going on the Employer Refund Scheme, will they still retain their WFP?
    • The Employer Refund Scheme introduced on 15th March is no longer accepting applications.  This scheme has been replaced by a new and enhanced Temporary COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme for employers, which will be administered by the Revenue Commissioners.  WFP will not be affected by the introduction of this scheme.

  • Is it possible to allay people’s fears of the potential negative impact on their WFP, which they can keep on the COVID19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment, of their applying for a regular Jobseekers payment: i.e. that they won’t lose their WFP until their application for their regular Jobseeker’s payment has been fully processed and they are about to receive that payment?
    • As soon as a jobseekers application is registered Working Family Payment suspends.  From 13/3/20 any payment suspended on foot of a jobseeker’s application has been re-instated if Working Family Payment plus the Pandemic Unemployment Payment is more beneficial to claimant’s family. DEASP offices have been asked not to register these jobseekers claims until after the Pandemic Unemployment Payment, period unless it is the most beneficial payment. 

  • Can we assume that people who did not receive their WFP last week, and who are concerned that they may not receive it this week, that they will receive a double payment this week? These are people who, as far as the INOU undertands, have not applied for a Jobseekers payment.
    • As far as the DEASP can ascertain all payments ran last week on schedule, some individual banks had delays in crediting payment and they rectified those issues early last Thursday so there should not be anyone who has a missed payment at this point.

If you need to follow up on this issue further, the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) Working Family Payment (WFP) Section’s telephone number is: (043) 334 0053 and their email is: