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The INOU has worked on many Projects to date.

Below is a list of the most recent projects.

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Decent Work Project Report 2021


Access to decent work/ decent employment has been a key theme of the INOU’s work for many years. The organisation advocates for decent work in a number of ways including through our annual Pre­Budget Submission

In this report, the INOU discusses what defines decent work, and engages with the challenges and opportunities in providing decent work. Such as the rise of automation and digitisation along with the gig economy and other precarious forms of work. Work itself is changing both drastically and rapidly, and this report seeks to look at those changes so that no one needs to be left behind.


Employment Services Research Project, 3 Phases

3 Phase Reports are after the introduction below.


The INOU have been undertaking research on unemployed people’s experience of three key Employment Services  - the Intreo Service, the Local Employment Service and the JobPath Service.

The Employment Services play a key role in assisting people who are unemployed, particularly people who are long-term unemployed, to find employment.  Our research has enabled us to hear directly from unemployed people about their experiences of using these services. We set out to establish what unemployed people viewed as working well in the services and what changes they would recommend improving the overall services being delivered.

The first phase of our research project focused on the experience of unemployed people who were accessing the Intreo Service. This work is outlined in the INOU’s publication – Mapping the Journey for People who are Short-term Unemployed–Report on Phase 1 of the Intreo Project. The second phase of our research had a focus on people who were both long-term and shorter-term unemployed and who were accessing the Local Employment Service. This work is outlined in our publication - Mapping the Journey for Unemployed PeopleReport on Phase 2 of the Employment Services Research Project.  The third phase of our research project focused on unemployed people’s experience of the JobPath Service being delivered by Turas Nua and Seetec.  This work is outlined in our publication – Mapping the Journey for Unemployed People–Report on Phase 3 of the Employment Services Research Project.

We would like to thank all of the Employment Services Managers and their staff in the areas where we conducted this research for their time, engagement and courtesy during the course of our work. We would also like to thank the Department of Social Protection for supporting the organisation to undertake this work and also the officials for their assistance in ensuring the smooth running of the project. This research was undertaken by INOU staff who spent many days visiting the various Employment Services offices to meet with unemployed people.  Finally, we would like to thank all the unemployed people who took the time to talk to us in the areas where we conducted our research and talked to us so openly about their experiences and who contributed so fully at our Focus Group meetings.

If you require any further information on our work in this area please contact us at 01 856 0088 or at

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