The INOU works with colleagues in the community & voluntary and other sectors on a range of socio-economic issues including through the:

  • #Addthe10th Alliance: #Addthe10th Alliance is an advocacy group dedicated to including a socio-economic status ground in Ireland's equality legislation. They work toward this goal through campaigns, social media efforts, online petitions, and events.
  • Better Europe Alliance, a network of national community and voluntary sector organisations, SIPTU and the Environmental Pillar, which focuses on the European semester process and its implications for Ireland’s policy making and implementation.
  • Community Platform, a network of twenty seven national organisations working to address poverty, social exclusion and inequality.
  • Community and Voluntary Pillar (CVP) through which the INOU participates in a range of bilateral meetings with the Departments including: Employment Affairs and Social Protection; Education and Skills; Justice and Equality; Public Expenditure and Reform; Rural and Community Development.
  • Dublin Adult Learning Centre (DALC): DALC is an organisation that focuses on adult education and learning opportunities in Dublin’s north inner-city. The INOU participates on the DALC Board, contributing to the development and oversight of this organisation.

  • EAPN led European Minimum Income Network project on access to adequate social welfare supports, focused on the issue of access to adequate social welfare supports; and the EAPN Ireland’s Policy Group.

  • In-Vest Advisory Committee, an initiative targeting young people living in Ballymun to improve their ICT skills and the application of these skills to life and work.
  • Maynooth University led Coalesce project Advisory Committee.
  • MESL (Minimum Essential Standard of Living) Research Advisory Committee: The MESL research contributes evidence to policy debate on income adequacy, poverty and social inclusion by offering an ongoing benchmark of minimum needs and evaluation of income adequacy. The INOU is a member of the Advisory Committee established to provide independent expert advice on the maintenance and development of the MESL work.

  • Monitoring Committee of the Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020, the mechanism through which European Social Fund monies are currently distributed in Ireland.
  • National Economic and Social Council (NESC), on which the INOU is one of the three CVP representatives. NESC now uses a Working Group approach and todate the INOU has participated on two: Low Work Intensity Households; and Welfare & Employment.
  • National Social Enterprise Policy Implementation Group, on which the INOU is one of the two CVP representatives.
  • New Communities Partnership’s Migrant Access Programme Advisory Committee.
  • Roadmap for Social Inclusion Linkage Group: this group engages with the community and voluntary sector representatives on the Roadmap for Social Inclusion Steering Group, the Roadmap aims to address issues related to social inclusion and poverty. The INOU participates in this linkage group to contribute to discussions and actions on these issues.

Irish Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

The Irish Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is an association-led, multi-stakeholder initiative bringing together 50 partners from academia and education, industry, the public, and not-for-profit sector. 

The primary objectives of the Coalition are to strengthen the workforce and enhance the digital inclusion of all citizens.