Regional Discussion Forums 2023

We held six Regional online Discussion Forums in 2023.

Three were held in April/May (25th/27th April and 3rd May) and three in October/November (24th/25th October and 2nd November).

April 25th & 27th and May 3rd 2023

The two key agenda items for the April/May Regional Discussion Forums focussed on Welfare to Work Policy – How Inclusive is it? And ‘Full Time Work and Genuinely Seeking Work: Exploring Issues and Reviewing Options for Jobseeker’s who are not fit for/capable of full-time employment’. The presentations, one from Bríd O’Brien, our Head of Policy and Media and the other from Robbert Lynch, Manager of our Welfare Rights Section are included below


October 24th & 25th and November 2nd

The two key agenda items for the October/November Regional online Discussion Forums centred on the Changing Nature of Work and expert predictions on growth areas for jobs and potential issues for people moving from Work to Social Welfare payments. Both presentations, from Bríd and Robbert are included below.


The feedback from the Discussion Forums was very positive. We would like to thank everyone who attended the online Regional Discussion Forums in 2023 – your attendance and participation is greatly appreciated.