Welfare Rights - QQI Award


Welfare rights - QQI Award (2 days a month )

Monday 2nd November – Tuesday 3rd November

Time:              10am – 1pm

Place:             Zoom – this programme will be delivered wholly online

Fee:                €500


Sessions:     Will take place every Monday and Tuesday morning. Ending on January 12th

Welfare Rights is a training course offered by the INOU targeted at information workers working with the unemployed and those distance from the labour market.  Candidates who successfully complete the course and assignments will receive a QQI Level 6 certificate in Social and Civil Information.  The general aim of Welfare Rights is for the candidate to become proficient in the knowledge and skills needed to deal professionally and skilfully with their clientele.

The course will equip those who are considering Information provision as a career option with the skills, knowledge and confidence to become autonomous information workers

Welfare rights looks extensively at the welfare system, housing provision, health services, the tax system and employment rights.  The candidate will, upon completion of the course, have very detailed subject knowledge so that they may be able to deal with multifaceted and complicated queries. 

Learners participating in the programme will be already working or looking to work in an information provision role. The module will help the candidate identify their own skills, strengths and weaknesses and how these may affect their role as an information provider.  The work experience element carried out in their present organisation, will be used to help identify any issues and how they can be addressed.During that time the candidate will be able to take the theory learned in the classroom and put it into practice at their place of work.

Course Itinerary

  • Understanding the Issues that affect Unemployed Persons
  • Understanding the role of the information provider and being aware of your own strengths and limitations in the role
  • Irish Policy Making and Social Welfare Legislation
  • The Purpose of Welfare Rights Work
  • Social Welfare Payments including
    • Jobseekers Benefit/Allowance and work
    • Qualified Adults and work
    • Secondary Benefits and work
    • Disability Benefit/Allowance and Work
    • Invalidity Pension and Work
    • One Parent Family Payment and Work
  • Supplementary Allowance including
    • Entitlement Payments
    • Discretionary Payments
    • Rent Allowance
    • Rental Accommodation scheme
  • Family Income Supplement
  • Social Insurance and Tax Implications
  • Education and Training Options including
    • Education Grants
    • Community Employment
    • Industry Related Training
    • Training for Young People
    • Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS)
    • Back to Education Allowance (BTEA)
  • Labour Market Integration Measures
    • Social Economy Programme
    • Revenue Job Assist
    • Back to Work Enterprise allowance (Area Enterprise Allowance)
  • Social Welfare Appeals System
  • Employment Law
  • Housing and Accommodation


Assessment Methods

Collection of Work 50%

Skills Demonstrations 50%

  • Presentation
  • Client Interview