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INOU e-Bulletin - September 2020 - Issue 43


Welcome to the 43rd issue of the INOU e-Bulletin!

In this issue we discuss the upcoming budget in our Pre-Budget Submission article. We examine the government policies July Jobs Stimulus 2020 and Roadmap for Social Inclusion. Our Jobs Watch section has contributed an article analysing changes in new job numbers in 2018 and 2019. We have an article from one of our member organisations EmployAbility discussing the positive impact that their services have on jobseekers with disabilities.  An article detailing issues that arose in recent INOU online events is also featured.  We also discuss NALA’s Literacy Impact report which proposes a framework for measuring outcomes for adults with improved literacy, numeracy and digital skills. An analysis of the Labour Force Survey from Quarter 2 2020 is also included. Another article features the Further Education and Training Strategy Future FET: Transforming Learning. Finally, we take a look at the Great Care Co-op, a carer-owned and operative cooperative ensuring decent work.

In this Issue: