Jobs Watch: Trends for 2019


Jobs Watch

Jobs Watch is a section on the INOU’s website that displays new job announcements. Dionne Byrne, the INOU’s Job Researcher keeps track of job announcements and updates the Jobs Watch page with information on these jobs. The information includes the company name, the number of jobs, some information on the company, a link to the website, the job titles, where the jobs will be located and when the jobs will take effect.

The jobs announced on the Jobs Watch page are not the total number of jobs that have been created, just the ones that the Job Researcher has sourced or received information about.

2019 Trends

17,345 jobs were created in the first half of 2019 by 120 companies, while in the second half 8,252 jobs were created by 87 companies. Overall, in 2019, Jobs Watch contained information on 25,597 jobs from 207 companies. 24 companies did not state the number of jobs they were creating.

In 2019, I.T. was the largest sector with 5,472 jobs announced, taking up 21% of the job announcements, while in 2018 the highest sector was Construction. The second largest sector was Retail, with 2,270 jobs. Hospitality and Business and Management both exceed 1,500 jobs. While Pharma/Science/Agriculture; Construction; Banking, Accounting and Finance; Engineering; Security, Defence and Law Enforcement; Public Relations, Human Resources and Marketing all surpassed 1,000 jobs.

In 2019, 10,712 of the job announcements, or 42% of total job announcements were located in Dublin. 6,037 of the job announcements, 24% in total were countrywide. Munster based jobs accounted for 16% of the Jobs Watch announcements with 4,117 jobs. Connacht accounted for 5% of job announcements, 1,478 jobs and Ulster 1% of job announcements with 282 jobs.


 2019 vs. 2018

The 2019 Jobs Watch announcements, 25,597 jobs from 207 companies, were significantly less than the previous year where 385 companies announced 45,236 jobs.  In 2019, Dublin, took up 42% of the total jobs, compared to the figures in 2018 where almost 60% of jobs where Dublin based. In 2019, 24% of the jobs announced were countrywide, up from 2018 figure which was 16%. Munster’s portion of 16%, was up on 2018’s figure of 13%. While the rest of Leinster excluding Dublin was 12%, up from 2018 where it was only 6%. Connacht took up 5%, alike to 2018’s figure of 4%. Finally, Ulster took up 1%, a decrease from 2018 where it was 3%.