Enabling Employment


While it is nice to have the world coming back to some semblance of normality, life hasn’t all of a sudden become sweetness and light for everyone. People who were struggling to find work before the pandemic may be experiencing further difficulties now. 

The EmployAbility service is a nationwide initiative that is designed to help people who, for reasons that are beyond their control, face additional challenges in their job search in these difficult times.  EmployAbility is designed to assist people with disabilities – whether it be mental health issues or a physical disability– to find a way to enter the workforce and earn a living independently.

The Job Coaches at EmployAbility are trained to help people in a number of ways:  they are up-to-date with modern interview techniques, current trends in CV production and cover letter preparation, targeting potential employers, and administering the paperwork behind the Disability Wage Subsidy Scheme.

One of Employability’s clients, Diarmaid, has Cerebral Palsy.  He is now working as a clerical officer within a local City Council (DCC).  ‘I have a good relationship with my Job Coach, Frances,’ says Diarmaid.  ‘Frances is always on hand if I need to talk about any work issues or need advice on work practices.  She was a great help when I was looking for a job, giving me encouragement and practical advice on CV preparation and developing my interview skills.  EmployAbility and Frances did great work on my behalf and continue to do so.  It’s a valuable service.’

Anyone who is suffering from a disability, but is still willing and able to undertake paid work in a professional setting, is welcome to avail of the EmployAbility service.  Referrals can be made via your local Intreo office or Local Employment Service.

The Ballymun branch of EmployAbility (EmployAbility Dublin North) has been operating from for over 20 years and has a great record in getting clients into employment.  

A client at the Ballymun office, John, says he found the service very worthwhile: ‘They’re very attentive and they don’t let things slip at EmployAbility.  The advice I’ve had from them has always been very helpful.  In my experience they’ve always been very approachable and whenever I’ve had need to get in touch, they’ve invariably been responsive and obliging. They helped me find my current job, and they keep in touch to make sure I’m getting on well.’

Yvonne Browne is the co-ordinator of EmployAbility Dublin North.  She is delighted to see both new and old clients taking advantage of the service again.  As Yvonne says: ‘The past few months have been difficult for people in many different ways. It is important that those who require extra support in undertaking their search for employment are aware that there is a service here to help and assist them and to negotiate for them in dealing with new ways of working.’

Ireland may be slowly coming back to ‘normal’, but it is a new ‘normal’.  Many people will need help in navigating a way through this new wave of employment and social practices.

‘EmployAbility provides essential support to individuals who need extra help in getting back on the road to employment. The teams of Job Coaches working in EmployAbility offices across Ireland have many years of experience liaising with employers and assisting employers to recruit people with disabilities into their workforce,’ says Yvonne.

If you think that EmployAbility may be able to help you, feel free to get in touch.  You can contact the office directly on 01 844 2700 or look at the website: www.employabilitydublinnorth.ie