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INOU e-Bulletin - September 2021 - Issue 47


Welcome to Issue 47 of the INOU’s e-bulletin!

In this Issue we hear from colleagues who are working on the issue of access to employment for people with disabilities and the work of EmployAbility services. An individual member talks about his experiences of being unemployed and what he would like to see happen to address unemployment. Community Law and Mediation describe their database of social welfare appeal cases taken and the learning it contains. Another article describes the popular short training modules the INOU has been organising over the past few months. The issue of childcare as a barrier to employment is explored. While the issue of people progressing from a PUP to Community Employment is examined in the context of Pathways to Work. And finally two articles on recent consultations on the draft 2021 National Risk Assessment and Ireland’s second implementation plan for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In this Issue: