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July 2022, Live Register Figures

16 August 2022 - 12:52 pm


On August 8th 2022, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) released the Live Register for July 2022. There were 196,700 people on the Live Register, an increase of 12,487 people on the same month last year. Looking at the Register from a gender and age perspective: women account for 49.8% of the Live Register and young people account for 10.5%.

Looking at the Live Register from a regional and gender perspective: the number of men on the Register increased by 2,449 and in six of the eight regions. The two regions were there was a slight decrease included the Mid-West and South-East. Over the year, the number of women on the Live Register increased by 10,038, accounting for 80% of the increase in the Live Register over the year, and across all eight regions. The eight regions are Border; West; Mid-West; South-East; South-West; Dublin; Mid-East; and Midland.

The number of people on the Live Register for less than one year increased by 22% to 127,768 people and of this figure: women account for 53% and young people 12.5%. 68,932 people were on the Register for more than a year: a decrease of 10,773 people in comparison to July 2021. A year ago, people on the Register for more than one year accounted for 43% of the number of people on the Live Register. In July 2022, this percentage had dropped to 35%. Looking at this part of the Register from a gender and age perspective: women account for 43.5% and young people 7%.

In Table A1, information is provided on the number of people ‘availing of Activation Programmes’. These figures always lag a month behind, and so in June 2022 there were 33,400 participants, 1,052 fewer people than June 2021. The number of people participating on education and training programmes was 6,044, a decrease of 23% over the year. While, over the year the number of people participating on employment programmes increased by 3% to 27,356.

Community Employment remains the largest programme with 19,032 participants in June 2022, a 2% decrease over the year. The next biggest programme is TÚS - Community Work Placement Initiative, with 5,024 participants, an increase of 13% over the year. And the third largest programme is the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance scheme: with 2,444 participants, an annual increase of 4%.