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INOU PRB Submission

20 March 2023

In our pre-budget submissions, the INOU has consistently called for:
▪ The re-introduction of a pay-related Jobseeker Benefit payment.
▪ The restoration of the duration of Jobseekers Benefit to pre-2008 crisis changes: when the maximum duration was 15 months or 12 months depending on the person’s number of PRSI contributions. Currently, JB is paid for a maximum of 9 or 6 months.
▪ The introduction of a work-friendly social welfare system for people on a Jobseekers Allowance payment that is reflective of changing work practices, based on hours worked rather than days worked, and one which supports people to maximise their income.
▪ In the interim increase the daily earnings income disregard for Jobseeker’s Allowance (JA) to €25 per day, for both the main claimant and the qualified adult equally.
▪ Ensure that Ireland’s social protection system is as responsive as possible and that people can navigate the system easily.