INOU Out and About: Lisdoonvarna

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A seminar/consultation on conditions of employment and receipt of social assistance was held in Lisdoonvarna, Co Clare on Wednesday 18th January, 2023  - representatives of the Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed (INOU) from Dublin and members of the Clare Local Development Company team met at the Lisdoonvarna Pavilion.

Robbert J. Lynch, Manager of the Welfare Rights Information and Advocacy Service at the INOU, gave a presentation and spoke in detail about the features of receiving social welfare payments for different categories of the population. After that, individual consultations took place, where everyone was able to learn information about specific situations.

"People need correct information in relation to social welfare and employment rights. Due to the emergency nature of Ukrainians arriving in Ireland, the Department of Social Protection had to ramp up very quickly. However since people will be living in Ireland for the foreseeable future and circumstances will change people need to have the correct information about other payments such as Disability Allowance, Carers Allowance and One Parent Family Payment. There were 3 key pieces to event: that it was in north Clare, an area that is cut off from mainstream services and bringing the information to the people is very important. The second key piece is that we had interpreters, so the information was clear and understandable. The third key piece was that 1:1 meetings were offered so that people could ask about their individual queries," said SICAP's Development, Employment And Learning Support Officer, CLDC Fiona McArthur.

Local residents and Ukrainians who have temporary protection took part in the seminar. About 150 people attended the three sessions.

"I arrived very recently. It is difficult to understand the laws of a new country. Therefore, I had several questions, about how to combine motherhood and work. I received the answers, thank you. It is very good that such events are held in Clare, because information is a great power," said Natalia, who attended the seminar.

"We have been in Ireland for more than 9 months, and the question arose regarding the organisation of our business. The idea is there, but I want to learn more about such practical things as taxation, registration of employees, permits. We still need help in making a business plan. Therefore, today I am looking for an answer to these questions. My contacts were taken by CLDC staff. I will wait for consultation and support," shared Olena from Ukraine.

"We specially came from Ennis. They had a lot of personal questions. Thank you for the professional advice, it's good that the translators worked. It was simple and comfortable. Many issues were resolved," commented Serhiy, who came with his family.