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The Central Statistics Office (CSO) currently has an open competition for the 430 positions for census field supervisors and will hold a competition for 4,700 census enumerators in January, 2016.

Field supervisors will be paid a weekly rate of €409.06 to manage a team of enumerators and will work on a temporary full-time basis from their own home from January to June.

Supervisors will also be entitled to a supervisory allowance of €83.15 a week, as well as an a typical work allowance of up to €701, and a terminal payment of up to €650, as well as other allowances such as one for home storage of sensitive documents.

Census enumerators typically work 22 hours a week, mostly evenings and weekends, and the contract will run for 10 weeks from 21st March until 27th May 2016.

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No of jobs: 5,130 temporary
Job title: Census field supervisors
Census enumerator
Jobs take effect: 2015-2016

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