About Jobs Watch

JobsWatch – What it is and how to make the most of it.

When we learn that jobs are announced - either through the media, social media or other contacts – we put these onto our Jobs Watch page.

As part of the listing we include:

  • the name of the company/business/organisation;
  • the number of jobs if known;  and
  • the town or towns where the jobs will be located.


You can get more information by clicking on the company name. This brings you to a page which lists:

  • the types of jobs that will be created;
  • information on the company; and
  • if the company is recruiting at this time - a link to the recruitment page.


You can also Search our JobsWatch listings by:

  • Date - when the jobs were announced
  • County - location of the jobs by county / location
  • Category - the type or category of jobs announced


Finding Current Vacancies

The most recent jobs that are listed are usually announcements of jobs that are scheduled into the future. This means that, if you are looking for current vacancies on the JobsWatch page, it can be useful to look through the jobs announced earlier in the year (or even one or two years ago) as they may now be current vacancies.

As we become aware of job announcements becoming live job vacancies, we will also update the pages so that they link to either the company or the jobs application details.

Tell us/Let us know

If you hear of Jobs being announced in your area, we would be very grateful if you would let us know and we will include these on our JobsWatch page.

You can contact us on:

or by e-mail to jobresearcher@inou.ie