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Lighthouse Studios

Address: The Maltings, Tilbury Pl, Gardens, Kilkenny

Mercury Filmworks, one of Canada’s most prolific animation studios, has joined forces with Kilkenny’s Cartoon Saloon in a move that will create 140 jobs in the next three years at Lighthouse Studios.

Lighthouse Studios will be a collaboration between Canada’s Mercury Filmworks and Kilkenny’s famous Cartoon Saloon.

The plan is to create an all-new 2D-focused animation studio as part of a joint venture.

In the coming weeks, Lighthouse Studios plans to announce development and production projects, as well as a hiring initiative encompassing production management, designers, animators, effects artists, compositors, technical directors, 3D modellers, riggers, lighting and texture artists and IT administrators.

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No of jobs: 140
Job title: Animation
Jobs take effect: next three years