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Address: Lynk, City House, Newmarket, Dublin 8,

Irish taxi app Lynk is looking to recruit as many as 250 taxi drivers in the Greater Dublin Area.

The company is looking for more drivers as it continues its expansion, and will be creating a fast delivery service as part of its ongoing growth.

The new service, Lynk Delivers, will be launching in the coming weeks.

The 250 jobs are on offer are for people who have access to their own vehicle, valid insurance and are in possession of a full driving licence and smartphone.

"We have been rapidly growing our business and technology for the past few years and as such have spotted a niche gap in the market around delivery services," Noel Ebbs, CEO of Lynk, said.

The company said that the roles on offer are flexible, and people can work as many hours as they like.

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No of jobs: 250
Job title: Taxi Drivers
Jobs take effect: next few weeks