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Address: Block B, Maynooth Business Campus, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Newly rebranded Newcom is to add 20 new jobs in Maynooth over the next two years. The venture was founded in 2009 as MyCleverphone and provides IP phone systems for businesses.Nuacom explained that its choice of new brand reflects the new communications services that it now offers. They include hosted phone systems, call recording, SMS-focused tools and fax to email facilities.

According to Igor Toma, CTO at Nuacom: “SMEs are very interested in switching to cloud-based telephony, thanks to minimal upfront investment, reliability, flexibility and great support. The goal of this re-branding exercise is to deliver a new/better service, based on the same reliable infrastructure and plenty of new options and improvements.”

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No of jobs: 20
Job title: I.T.
Jobs take effect: next two years