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Regatta Great Outdoors

Address: unit 15,, Athlone Town Centre, Athlone, Co. Westmeath

Outdoor clothing company Regatta Great Outdoors has announced the creation of 100 jobs with the opening of several new stores.

The openings will take place at key locations around the country including Galway, Dublin and Waterford.

Recruitment will include sales assistants, visual merchandising and store managers among others. Details of current vacancies and career opportunities with Regatta Great Outdoors are available here.

Regatta currently has 11 stand-alone stores around the country. The seven additional openings are planned for this year - 2017.

The company opened its first concession store in Shaws of Wexford Town in 2004. By 2009, it had expanded to 18 concession stores. Regatta opened its first standalone store in Limerick in 2011. Its success is such that this number will now grow to 18.

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No of jobs: 100
Job title: sales assistants, visual merchandising and store managers
Jobs take effect: this year