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Sports data firm STATS is establishing an EMEA HQ in Limerick city. The US based company will bring 30 full-time and up to 100 part-time jobs by the end of 2018, according to Limerick city authorities. The company is to locate temporarily in offices at Limerick city council's economic and planning offices on Patrick Street, establishing a base for its European, Middle Eastern and African operations.

STATS is regarded as a world leader in analysing sports data for over 800 teams, leagues and brands across the world, including soccer clubs, US football and ice hockey teams, as well as rugby union and league organisations. This data can be maximised for advertising, marketing and sponsorship revenue as well as fan engagement.

Details of current vacancies and career opportiunities with STAS can be explored here.

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No of jobs: 30 Full Time and 100 Part-Time
Job title: I.T.
Jobs take effect: by the end of 2018