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Internet exchange operator UNIFI-IX has launched an international internet exchange in Dublin. The capital is the fourth city added to the company’s 100Gb network and the operation will create five jobs. UNIFI-IX said that it will invest €600,000 in the Dublin exchange. It is initially connecting two high-density locations for data centre investment and telecommunications services: one in the north west of Dublin and one in the south west of the city.

UNIFI-IX is targeting its services at big internet, cloud, social media, telecommunications and content network companies. It is also targeting indigenous and entrepreneurial companies who need high-speed interconnections with these organisations. Tom Sanders, managing director of UNIFI-IX, said: “Our new infrastructure will significantly reduce the number of steps needed to interconnect major cloud, internet and content services. This will provide a huge benefit to consumers, who will see an improvement in the performance of their online applications.”

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No of jobs: 5
Job title: I.T.
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