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JobsWatch: AYLIEN

Announced: December 23 2019

No of jobs: Not Stated
Job title: New roles will mainly be technical hires across the areas of product, UI and UX design, engineering, data science and sales.
Jobs take effect: Throughout 2020.


"AYLIEN leverages Artificial Intelligence to empower thousands of forward-thinking enterprises and developers to collect, analyze, and understand vast amounts of human-generated content. We are believers in automation and efficiency, and we see Artificial Intelligence as a toolbox that will allow us to automate more of the growing list of tasks that no longer require human-level cognition. In our ideal world, much of the mundane and repetitive tasks that humans are responsible for today will be safely and effectively delegated to machines, leaving us humans with more time to imagine, create and innovate."

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Address: 2 Harmony Court,
Harmony Row,
Dublin 2,