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JobsWatch: Horizon8

Announced: December 6 2019

No of jobs: 50
Job title: All of these roles will be for high-skilled workers, including engineers, developers and business consultants.
Jobs take effect: Over the coming years.

About Horizon8

"Horizon8 is a progressive brand with ambitious aspirations for the future and strong technological roots. It is the European and North American arm of innovative technology company, HengTian, which was originally founded in 2004 as a partnership between Boston based State Street, Hangzhou based Insigma Technology and Zhejiang University. The name, HengTian, directly translates as infinite horizons. A meaning that has never been so relevant as we see the unlimited possibilities that our ever-evolving enterprise blockchain, data analytics and AI solutions continue to create for our clients and partners."

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More Information

Address: 3rd Floor City Quarter,
Lapp's Quay,