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Central Bank of Ireland

Address: 73 N Wall Quay, North Dock, Dublin 1

The Central Bank of Ireland is hiring 36 new staff to focus on Brexit and the specific needs arising due to its impact here.

The approved increase in 2017 staff numbers will bring total staff to 1,800, including an additional 28 staff to address specific Brexit-related new business needs within existing divisions. These are mainly to support increases in Brexit-related authorisation/supervisory activity, and also to support extensions to the post-crisis regulatory framework.

Current Vacancies at The Central Bank of Ireland include Administrators; Enterprise Risk Manager; Execution Manager; General Applications Inspector (IT Risk); Market Operations Analyst; Policy Manager - Resolution; Protected Disclosures Desk Manager; Quality Assurance Manager; Resolution Analyst - Legal and Security Guard. Details of all vacancies are available here.

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Job title: Financial Services