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HEALTHY fast food restaurant Freshii is introducing its wide range of meals, bowls and burritos to Smithfield as CEO Dave O’Donoghue looks to expand nutritious, affordable grub options across the Northside.

With restaurants and stores already established in Trinity College, North Dock and on Mespil road, CEO Dave O’Donoghue now plans to bring Freshii and its clean living menu to Smithfield with a targeted opening set for March.

“We think it’s an up and coming area, has a nice base of business and office location there and the law side of the city is there too.

“We’ve a very good franchise partner there, who knows that area inside and out, and he sold it to us to be honest. You have the Jameson distillery being refurbished and reopened this year, and we think that whole tourist side of it is a big plus for us. We think Freshii can add to that impressive offer.”

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