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Chinese telecoms hardware and systems giant Huawei is to hire about 60 people in Dublin in the next year in the area of video research.

At an autumn reception in Dublin, Huawei’s director of the board, Madam Chen Lifang, praised Ireland as a location for high quality R&D talent.

We can reveal this morning (25 November) that the research centre is coming, and that it will be a centre of excellence for video technology The new operation is likely to be located in Dublin’s Silicon Docks district, where companies like Google, Facebook and Accenture are also expanding their digital operations.Huawei’s director of industry engagement, Derek Collins, told that the centre will be one of a number of centres of excellence around Europe aimed at finding the best tech talent in specific fields, such as video and auto tech. “There will be eight of these centres across Europe and [they] are aimed at getting the best talent in particular technological fields, as well as collaborating with the universities.”

Huawei has been in Ireland since 2004, and last year alone, it invested €35m in R&D. The company employs over 120 people in Dublin, Athlone and Cork, and last year it announced over 50 new jobs at an R&D office at the IFSC in Dublin.The Chinese telecoms giant employs over 170,000 people worldwide, including 6,000 in Europe, and reported revenues of $60.8bn last year.

Collins said that the centre of excellence around video research came to Ireland because policymakers, as well as leaders from the Adapt and Insight centres, made a strong case to Zhengfei that Ireland was the best place to focus on video research

“In terms of the jobs that will be created, we are looking for a mixed bag that ranges from a rock star in the world of video research, who will attract similarly talented professionals, [to] a CTO; people who are in the midst of, or who have completed, their PhDs; and crucially, people who can drive Huawei’s video strategy from a research perspective.”

Collins said that the video research will focus on standards of the future for video transmission over mobile and fixed networks, in particular security and live analytics and artificial intelligence. “A key field that is emerging is closed loop analytics, where video can come from the edge from drones and phones but cannot be intercepted.”

Collins concluded: “There is an opportunity for Ireland to be the best location in the world for video technology research.”

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No of jobs: 60
Job title: R+D
Jobs take effect: next 12 months