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Alien Technology Transfer

Address: Those interested in applying for the project manager roles can do so by sending a CV and cover letter to

Operative office
The Digital Depot, Roe Lane,
Dublin 8
T: +353 (0)148 85 800

Alien Technology Transfer specialises in projecting financing, management, and concept development, aims to create the new jobs over the course of the next three years.

Alien works with SMEs to secure grant funding under Horizon 2020.

The Irish operation will be in charge of project management activities and development of business plans for clients across Europe, in sectors including ICT, energy, health, manufacturing, transport and eco-innovation.

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No of jobs: 19
Job title: project managers

Choosing Dublin for its hub because the city is “one of the best places in the world for start-ups”, Alien COO Paul Pietrangelo said the presence of both research focused universities and big tech companies was key.

“We hope to work with many local start-ups in achieving their financial and commercial goals,” he said.

Alien works by guiding the application process, to help researchers or businesses in their proposals, feasability studies and other elements of the planning.

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