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Alter Pharma

Address: Generic Specialty Pharma Limited

Site D, Stephenstown Industrial Park
Balbriggan +353 (0)1 8418963
Co. Dublin

Pharmaceutical multinational Alter Pharma is to make its new Dublin office its global HQ with the creation of 80 jobs by 2018

Founded in 2010, Alter Pharma specialises in the development, marketing, sales and supply of pharmaceuticals for niche products that would be difficult to manufacture.Up until now, the company had five Irish subsidiaries in Balbriggan, Dublin where it employed 40 staff. This will now be the headquarters of its worldwide operations.The five subsidiaries include Generic Specialty Pharma (GSP), Generic Pharma International, Steac Pharmaceuticals, Beta Active PI Pharma and Novalus Healthcare.

The news comes following the official inauguration of the 48,000 sq ft office in Dublin attended by Alter Pharma CEO Pieter Van Rompay; Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Mary Mitchell O’Connor, TD; and staff from its sister site in Belgium.

80 jobs are expected to be created at the €5m facility by 2018, which would bring its total employment to 120.

Among these roles, Alter Pharma is recruiting in areas such as research and development, regulatory, supply chain, warehouse and quality.

Speaking of Ireland’s role in the future of the company, Van Rompay said: “Opening our new €5m facility underlines our commitment to Ireland and will allow for our rapid expansion plans.

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No of jobs: 80
Job title: research and development, regulatory, supply chain, warehouse and quality.
Jobs take effect: by 2018