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Address: City East Plaza, Floor 6 Block C
Ballysimon Co. Limerick

AMCS has experienced a meteoric rise since it was first founded in Limerick in 2003, drumming up millions in funding and creating hundreds of jobs.

AMCS a Limerick-based waste and recycling management software firm, has announced today (23 November) that it will expand its team by “up to 100” in the areas of product development, sales and global customer support.

“The growth of AMCS into a global leader of integrated software and vehicle technology for the recycling, waste and resource industries is an example of the dynamic software sector in Ireland,” said Pat Breen, TD, the Minister of State for Trade, Employment and Business. “I wish them every success in their future operations.”

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No of jobs: 100
Job title: product development, sales and global customer support.
Jobs take effect: not stated