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Casa Systems

Address: Casa Systems, Inc.
100 Old River Road
Andover, MA 01810

Casa Systems from Massachusetts, a specialist in next-generation ‘ultra-broadband’ access technology, has established international operations in Limerick, with the promise of 50 new jobs over the next three years.Initial operations will include manufacturing, distribution, customer technical support and related activities. The IDA-backed project will be located in the National Technology Park.

Casa manufactures and markets devices to enable cable operators to fully utilise interactive digital video and broadband IP services over cable networks.

“Casa is very excited to establish operations in Limerick,” said Lucy Xie, Senior VP of Operations for Casa. “Workforce talent is always a key factor when selecting a new location. With a growing reputation for its highly-skilled technical, logistics and manufacturing talent pool, Limerick moved to the top of the list.”

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No of jobs: 50
Job title: ICT
Jobs take effect: next three years