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Compliance & Risks

Address: Compliance & Risks Ltd
Address: 9 Eastgate Ave, Cork
Phone: (021) 435 1990

There is an ongoing global regulatory avalanche, with businesses struggling to keep up with market access and other rules.

Complicance & Risks  guides companies through this ever-changing and complex maze of compliance ensuring businesses know and comply with current regulations.

 innovative online are provided tools that deliver the most timely and accurate global regulatory intelligence. The innovative product C2P is used by major Blue chip companies worldwide.

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No of jobs: 50
Job title: research, software development, client support, sales and account management. -
Jobs take effect: over 3 years

Compliance and Risks was started in 2000 by Damien McGovern, an Irish Barrister who formerly worked for Deloitte in Brussels.

Deluged by the EU official journals being delivered daily to his desk, Damien conceived a more efficient way to assess the risks and opportunities in proposed legislation.

Damien’s experience with legal, regulatory, and compliance issues, and an understanding of the problems for his customers of not having suitable tools for a difficult job gave rise to C2P.

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