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Address: Unit C4 Ground Floor St Stephens Green SC Dublin 2

Eir has announced it will recruit its latest batch of 50 apprentices from Leaving Cert level to help in its roll-out of broadband in rural areas.With plans to have nearly 2m fibre customers by the end of 2018, Eir is in the midst of another hiring phase for the broadband roll-out across the country, particularly in rural Ireland.

Today (2 March), it announced plans to hire up to 50 new apprentices over the coming months, with the programme open to candidates who have passed their Leaving Cert.

Applicants will work as customer service and assurance technicians, where the primary focus will be on the maintenance and repair of equipment.

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No of jobs: 50
Job title: Apprentice Customer Service,Technician
Jobs take effect: September 2017