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Address: Clanwilliam Court, 1st Floor, Block 2, House,, Clanwilliam Pl, Dublin 2

THE historic first steps were taken in the construction of a new town last week that is set to transform the Southside landscape.The landmark event paves the way for the first phase of the €160m project that will see the development of 4,000 homes as well as a major road, cycleway and pedestrian pathway network and three large parks over the next 15 months.

Over 180 new construction jobs will be created in order to build the three parks and 5.4 kilometres of roadways, pedestrian footpaths, cycle paths and greenways. The first phase of development will be completed by spring 2018 and eventually the total number of people working on the Cherrywood project will rise to over 280.

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No of jobs: 280
Job title: Construction
Jobs take effect: Current