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Address: Insurance Centre, 5 Harbour Master Place, IFSC, Dublin 1,

The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship launches its 2017 programme – over 100 apprenticeships available nationwide.

This ‘earn and learn’, three year programme, enables apprentices to work for an insurance employer, earn a salary, while also studying for a BA Hons in Insurance Practice.

Research released by The Insurance Institute, found that 62% of young adults surveyed stated that they would consider an apprenticeship, as an alternative to going to college, if it was in an area that interested them. Findings also showed that just over half of parents (55%) would encourage their child to undertake an apprenticeship.

The research was released in line with the launch of the 2017 Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship, Ireland’s only level 8-degree apprenticeship, which will have over 100 places available nationwide in the coming weeks.

As an apprentice you will:

  • Study towards a level 8 degree over three years
  • Work in an insurance organisation
  • Earn a salary
  • Develop valuable workplace skills
  • For more information on the programme or to register your interest please visit

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No of jobs: 100 Apprenticeships
Job title: Insurance Apprenticeships
Jobs take effect: September 2017