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NK Communications

Address: NK Communications,
Usher House, Third Floor,
Dublin 14

A boon for Munster to kick off 2018 as NK Communications announces 25 new sales positions in Cork and Limerick, with hiring to start immediately.

Some joyous news on the employment front for jobseekers in the south of the country, as the very first jobs announcement of 2018 sees a number of new roles on offer in Munster

The 25 new hires will be working across both residential and commercial sales, and recruitment for the positions is already underway.

NK Communications is expanding its field sales team to facilitate increased demands as Energia, its commercial sales partner since 2004, attempts to grow its customer base in both commercial and residential energy. Currently, the former employs more than 110 people directly working on Energia’s business and home energy campaigns nationwide.

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No of jobs: 25
Job title: residential and commercial sales,
Jobs take effect: Current