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Address: 68 Upr. O'Connell St. D.1

The Subway fast food chain is planning to create around 400 jobs across the island of Ireland by 2020, as it announced plans to increase the number of outlets here to 321.

The Irish expansion is part of a plan by Subway to grow its presence in Ireland and the UK to 3,000 stores by over the next three years, creating around 5,000 new jobs.

There are currently 2,499 Subway stores in Ireland and the UK, which are operated on a franchise basis. According to the company, its franchisees in the UK and Ireland will employ around 24,000 full-time and part-time staff by 2020.

In addition to Subway’s in-store employment, the brand contracts other vendors and suppliers such as print and advertising, along with the supply chain managed by IPC Europe, a non-profit making organisation owned by Subway franchisees.

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No of jobs: 400
Job title: Sandwhich Artist, Manager
Jobs take effect: by 2020