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Website: is to create 20 hi-tech roles to develop a new ticketing product, “effectively” doubling the company’s Dublin will house the 20 incoming employees at the company’s new software development centre in Dublin city centre, as part of a €1.5m project to run over the next 12 months.

The company is looking to fill roles in highly skilled fields, with software development positions a priority – other areas such as sales, marketing and operations will also be a focus.“The project is already underway and we’re looking forward to welcoming 20 new colleagues to the team, which will effectively double our current workforce” said John O’Neill, CEO of 

It has also has partnered with Microsoft to provide technology and servicing, including hosting of the product on its high capacity Azure cloud platform.

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No of jobs: 20
Job title: Software, Sales, Marketing
Jobs take effect: next 12 months