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Address: Dartmouth House
1 Grand Parade
Dublin 6

The slick new offices by Dublin’s Grand Canal represent Zendesk’s largest investment in property outside of the US.

An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, TD, joined Zendesk CEO and chair Mikkel Svane and the company’s Dublin team today (5 July) to officially open new offices at 55 Charlemont Place overlooking Dublin’s Grand Canal.

Zendesk has rapidly expanded since first setting up shop on Irish shores in 2012 with a mere two employees based in Ireland, both of whom travelled frequently over to the company’s international headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Since then, the company’s presence in Ireland has ballooned to more than 290 people, more than 120 of whom were hired in the past 12 months. Now having the capacity at this new premises, Zendesk has indicated that it plans to grow its headcount to more than 500 by 2020.

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No of jobs: 200
Job title: engineers as well as professionals in sales, finance, HR and more.
Jobs take effect: next two years