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Address: 55-57 Clarendon Road
Watford, Herts
WD17 1FQ, UK

Real-time electronic payments company ACI is to bring 50 new jobs to Limerick as it opens its new data centre in the city.The state-of-the-art European data centre will deliver the utmost in reliability, security and data privacy.The company has a long-standing internship programme and collaboration with the University of Limerick.

The new data centre will expand world-class payments solution capabilities and capacity for ACI’s European customers; comprising some of largest merchants, intermediaries and financial institutions, including the two biggest banks in Ireland.“As more organisations embrace private cloud solutions to gain a competitive edge, they’re turning to ACI; our dedicated cloud payments offerings provide the security, privacy and reliability that customers need and expect from mission-critical payment solutions,” said Phil Heasley, president and CEO of ACI Worldwide.The data centre further leverages ACI’s product investments to make its Universal Payments solutions available to European companies through ACI’s private cloud.

ACI supports more than 5,100 financial organisations worldwide and every day it processes $14trn on behalf of thousands of merchants.

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No of jobs: 50
Job title: Business Services
Jobs take effect: not yet known