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Address: 11 Rathgar Rd, Dublin 6

Up to 300 new jobs will be created as the AIL Group opens an additional 30 new stores nationwide.

Ireland's largest restaurant franchise group brings AbraKebrabra, Bagel Factory and O'Briens to over 130 stores across the country.

The offering of the three brands - named ' Oasis of Taste' - is currently on trial at three Maxol service stations in Templeogue, Castlebar and Kill.

Over the next 3 years, we estimate that we will be able to create 300 new jobs as we roll out in new locations across the country," David Zebedee of AIL said.

"In addition to our trials with Maxol, our expansion plans include opening a further 30 new stores nationwide including high street locations, shopping centres and rail stations”.

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No of jobs: 300
Job title: Retail
Jobs take effect: next three years