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Address: Liosban House
Liosban Industrial Estate
Tuam Road

Galway-based IT services company Codec-dss recently opened a new office, with 50 new positions coming on the back of a €2.5m investment.

Following the acquisition of Vulcan Solutions in 2016, Codec-dss has seen business opportunities explode in the west of Ireland.

A Microsoft partner, the company opened a new office in Galway City at the end of May, having increased its workforce by almost one-quarter in the year since the acquisition.

Now, with company responding to high demand for services such as CRM and ERP implementations, process automation solutions (SharePoint), analytics and cloud solutions, another recruitment drive is underway.

The next three years will see 50 people added to the Codec-dss team, with the company already employing more than 180 people across seven offices in Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway, London, Poland and Germany.

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No of jobs: 50
Job title: I.T.
Jobs take effect: next three years