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Address: 1 Heuston South Quarter St John's Road Dublin 8, Ireland Dublin 8 Ireland

Eir, Ireland’s largest telecoms operator, announced the creation of 100 jobs as part of its continued fibre broadband expansion across the country .As part of the company’s roll-out of fibre broadband across Ireland, it has now announced that it is seeking to fill 100 positions over the course of the next three months.Eir is looking to fill a variety of roles which include poling crews, cabling technicians and fibre splicers. All of the jobs will be based across the country, providing employment for rural communities. They will join the 50 apprentices already recruited by Eir this year, to make up a crew of 800 currently working on rolling out fibre broadband across Ireland.

The company has also revealed that it plans to recruit a further 300 apprentices over the course of the broadband roll-out, and expects to announce further engineering vacancies in the coming months.

Open Eir’s managing director, Carolan Lennon, said its partnership with telecoms provider KNNS was crucial to its broadband introduction: “To date, we have spent close to €400m alone on our high-speed fibre broadband roll-out programme

Not only is our partner KNNS playing a key role to ensure that we deliver our broadband solutions to communities right across the country as quickly as possible, they are doing so in a way that supports the local economy by recruiting staff from rural Ireland.”


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No of jobs: 100
Job title: poling crews, cabling technicians and fibre splicers.
Jobs take effect: next 3 months