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Address: Att. Mrs Latri Lou
H20 Building
33 Rue De Gasperich
L-5826, Hesperange

Luxembourg-based FundRock is the latest fintech funds business to open a Dublin office, aiming to fill 20 positions.

FundRock has opened an Irish office to help build its presence in three of Europe’s major fund centres, with the new Dublin base complementing similar operations in London and Luxembourg.

An independent UCITS (undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities) management company and AIFM (alternative investment fund manager), the company’s shift into Ireland is driven by contemporary political events.

Following the market uncertainty created in the investment management sector post-Brexit, FundRock’s Dublin office will service its global clients, with the company claiming that it will offer “a value-add solution”

The company is looking to build a team of 20 within the next two years, with Revel Wood, CEO of FundRock, saying that the Dublin site selection was partly driven by client demand.

“The move to Ireland is a crucial part of our long-term strategy and, being a client-led organisation, we have responded to client demand to accommodate their needs, especially those looking to move their funds to Ireland,” he said.

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No of jobs: 20
Job title: Financial Tech
Jobs take effect: next two years