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Address: Google Ireland Ltd.
Gordon House
Barrow Street
Dublin 4

Google is building a new data centre in Ireland and investing €150 million in the project. Read more

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No of jobs: 400 construction + 30 permanent
Job title: Construction


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Account Manager, SMB Sales
Account Strategist
Account Strategist, EMEA Performance Specialist Team
Advanced Performance Specialist, Analytics and Tools
Agency Development Manager
Agency Development Manager, SMB Sales
Analyst, Product Quality Operations
Anti-Abuse Engineer
App Promotion Specialist (DACH), PerformanceX Team
Associate Account Strategist, Global Customer Experience
Associate Account Strategist, Global Customer Services
Associate Account Strategist, SMB Sales
Attribution Specialist, PerformanceX, DACH
Benefits Specialist (Part-time)
Brand Specialist
Brand Specialist Manager
Business Acquisition Manager
Business Acquisition Manager, Online Partnerships Group
Business Analyst, Global SMB Services
Business Analyst, Online Partnerships Group
Business Analyst, Process Adherence
Business Analyst, Search Quality Evaluation
Business Development Manager, SMB Sales
Business Intelligence Analyst
Business Intelligence Analyst, Apps Operations, Google for Work
Business Intelligence Analyst, Geo Operations
Business Intern 2015
Business Strategy
Business Strategy Program Manager, Geo Operations
Business Strategy; Sales & Account Management
Business Strategy; Sales Operations
Business Technical Intern 2015, EMEA
Contact Center and Voice Infrastructure Engineer
Data Engineer, Google Maps
Data Feed Specialist, Channel Intelligence
Developer Relations
Director, EMEA Internal Audit
EMEA Employment Tax Manager
EMEA Onboarding Program Manager
EMEA Product Support Manager, Android
EMEA Program Manager, gTech
Engineering Manager, Site Reliability Engineering
European Logistics Program Manager
Export Consultant, Global Expansion Team
Finance Operations Process Manager
Global Presales Vendor Training Lead
Google Analytics Account Manager
Google for Work Inside Sales Representative
Google for Work Sales Engineer, Google Apps
Google for Work Technical Solutions Engineer, Google Applications
Head of High Touch Sales, SMB Sales
Head of SMB Sales
Head of SMB Sales
High Touch Sales Manager, SMB Sales
HR Operations Specialist
Information Technology Residency Program, University Graduate
International Content Strategist, gTech Consumers
International Financial/Pension Benefits Manager
iSMB Account Planner
IT & Data Management
Lead Recruiter, EMEA Tech
Legal & Government Relations
Legal Assistant, Online Product Support
Manufacturing & Supply Chain; Program Management
Market Intelligence Analyst
Marketing & Communications
Marketing & Communications; People Operations
MBA Intern 2015
Mid-Market Sales Manager, SMB Sales
NACE Inbound Demand Management Lead
Network Deployment Team Lead
Network Design Engineer, Deployment
Network Engineer
Network Engineering; Program Management
Network Systems Engineer, Production Operations
New Business Sales Executive
New Business Sales Team Lead
New Business Strategic Sales Lead
Online Sales Account Manager
Online Sales Account Strategist
Operations Business Partner
Operations Manager, Global Customer Experience
Operations Manager, gTech Ads Global Support
OPG Global Partner Support Associate (Italian)
People Operations
Performance Specialist, (Automation)
Performance Specialist, EMEA
Performance Specialist, Shopping
Planning and Scheduling Analyst
Polish Community Social Manager, Consumer Operations
Product & Customer Support
Product & Customer Support; Technical Solutions
Product Management; Business Strategy
Product Quality Analyst
Program Management
Program Manager, Google for Work
Program Manager, Network Operations
Sales & Account Management
Sales Development Representative (Benelux), Google for Work, Apps
Sales Finance Analyst, LCS
Sales Operations
Sales Operations Manager
Sales Operations Manager, SMB Sales
Sales Operations; Business Strategy
Sales Operations; Product & Customer Support
Sales Operations; Technical Solutions
Sales Planner
Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineering
Software Engineering
Staffing Services Associate
Support Specialist (Wallet and Drive), gTech Consumers
Support Specialist, gTech Ads
Support Specialist, gTech Ads
Systems Engineer, Site Reliability Engineering
Systems Engineer, Site Reliability Engineering, University Graduate
Team Lead and Monetization Specialist, Online Partnerships Group
Technical Infrastructure
Technical Program Manager, gTech Publisher
Technical Program Manager, Network Deployment
Technical Program Manager, Network Engineering
Technical Program Manager, Site Reliability Engineering
Technical Program Manager, Transport Network Deployment
Technical Solutions
Technical Solutions; Product & Customer Support
Technical Solutions; Program Management
Technical Solutions; Technical Writing
Technical Support Specialist, gTech Ads
Technical Support Specialist, gTech Ads
Tools Specialist, PQO
Vendor Operations Manager, gTech
Webmaster Outreach Project Manager
YouTube User Support, Community Manager
Jobs take effect: 2015+

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