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Paragon 28

Address: Paragon 28 Medical Devices Trading Limited, 43 Fitzwilliam Square West, Dublin 2

Paragon 28, Inc. is a privately held Medical Device Company focusing exclusively on the Foot & Ankle segment of Orthopedics. The company was established in 2010 in Denver, Colorado to research, develop and market products that will ultimately redefine this immature segment of the Orthopedics market. Since its inception, Paragon 28 has become one of the fastest growing companies in Orthopedics and is excited to expand into the EMEA market. Ireland was thoroughly vetted as the International Headquarter location and the company believes the availability of qualified employees, world class universities with diverse subspecialties and the overall supportive environment from the IDA offers a great advantage. Dublin possesses the culture and diversity to perfectly match that of this high-growth, energetic company.

Paragon 28 is hopeful to hire as many as 15 employees over the next year for functions such as engineering, operations, accounting, marketing and quality. A key differentiator with respect to Paragon 28 is the company’s deep pipeline of product development coupled with a passion for unbiased scientific research that we believe will redefine the future of this segment.

“We look forward to recreating the success we have built in the US in Ireland and capturing and infusing into our workplace the essence of Ireland’s unique and beautiful culture. The people of Ireland have been so welcoming and supportive, confirming we made the correct decision.”, Albert DaCosta, President and CEO

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No of jobs: 15
Job title: engineering, operations, accounting, marketing and quality
Jobs take effect: next 12 months