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42/43 Amiens St., Dublin 1

+353 1 555 7347

rish fintech start-up Touchtech has announced the appointment of a number of heavy hitters to its board and said it is to create 40 new jobs following a major client win

The online authentication company, which was founded in 2013 by Joseph Kuye & Shekinah Adewumi, has developed a product known as TAP (transaction authentication platform), which serves as an alternative to unpopular existing technologies such as card readers or password-based solutions like Verified by Visa.

The technology uses near field communication (NFC) chips to replace the need for passwords when shopping or banking online.


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No of jobs: 40
Job title: technical and marketing jobs
Jobs take effect: over 3 years

Touchtech, which emerged from Trinity College Dublin’s student incubator programme, LaunchBox, is now led by John Power, a former general manager at AIB and board member of Santander Poland: " “We look forward to partnering with Optimus Cards Group who share our goal to provide simple and accessible card payment products that are easy for developers to implement and easy for credit union members and bank customers to use.,” said Mr Power.

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